Employee poor attendance warning letter

When an employee has poor attendance, they need to be warned or fired. Fortunately, many companies don’t fire right away for poor attendance because the hiring process can be extremely lengthy for a new employee and may not be worth the effort. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple employee poor attendance warning letter to keep an employee in check.


Starting to Write


If you have any rules regarding an absence or what an employee should do in case of absence, remind them of the rules.


State that you or management is having a problem with that employee’s attendance.


Make sure you have the exact dates and times documented, and then present it to them.


Express concern over the issue.


Remind the employee of future expectations.


If any future absences occur, explain how all of them need to be handled and what paperwork is required in order to request more.


Warn the employee that this action and warning will be noted in their file.


Warn the employee that they may be terminated if the problem doesn’t end here.

Sample Letters

Sample employee poor attendance warning letter

Dear Marcus Lashton,

It’s come to our unpleasant attention that you have been abusing the absentee rules as of lately. This company has rules that you must follow when you’re absent from work and your attendance has been down the drain lately. This is something we need to address immediately. Management has informed me that you have been absent approximately 2 of the 7 days here that you were scheduled to be in at work and without so much as a warning, you gave absolutely nothing.

August 3 – No show

August 5 – No Show

This is bad business and this is bad news for you as well if you want continue working with this company. Our concern is that you’re going to be quitting soon or you have no interest in working for us anymore. If that is simply the case, let us know and we’ll do the favor for you.

In the future, we expect you to be here, be on time and be present when you’re expected to be present. If a situation arises in which you need to request some time off or be absent from the day, you are required to fill out the required company paperwork. You were instructed on this on day one and it’s in your employee handbook as well. We have made a note of this behavior in your file and this doesn’t go away.

Furthermore, if you continue this action down the road, you will be fired, plain and simple. We do not tolerate a no show and you already have two strikes. One more day without showing up and giving no warning or proper letter, and you will be terminated. Not only that, but if any company calls upon us to give a reference or check on employment status, we will not be shy and will inform them of why you were terminated.

Get back to work,

Alix Regold