Employee benefits letter

If new company policy introduces new benefits for employees, then it would be wise to send out an employee benefits letter. The point of this letter is to either address a new employee on their benefits so they understand what they’re entitled or to address existing employees on a policy change.

Let’s face it, how many people honestly read the employee handbook or pay attention to orientation videos that they’re made to watch? I doubt very many, so it’s important to make sure each employee stays informed with a written letter addressed to them, because you know they’ll read that.


Starting to Write


Start right off and let the employee know that it pertains to their benefits.


State the new or revised benefit(s).


How does this help the reader or employee?


If anything is required of the employee after reading the letter, be sure to clarify it.

Sample Letters

Employee benefits letter Sample

Dear Wesley,

I wanted to take this time to address you personally because benefits for the second floor staff have changed.

First of all: Each employee with the marketing team will now be able to choose their own primary care doctor covered under our insurance. You will no longer have to see Dr. Weisman, although a lot of people seem to love his care.

Second: You will now receive two weeks of vacation pay rather than one week a year.

This is to help boost morale and make sure that you guys on the marketing team do a great job as usual! I’ve attached a copy of the new benefits policy which can be obtained in my office as well.


Martha Reis