Employee application rejection letter

When an internal position opens up inside of an office building or for a job, employees may start sending in their own applications even though they’re already current employees of the office. The reason for this is, some companies only hire and promote from within, so when a management or better paying position opens up, a lot of applications come flowing in. An employee application rejection letter may be tough to write to every individual person that applies but its good business.


Starting to Write


Let the applicant know that every application was read thoroughly and carefully. Tell them that each and every single application was considered.


State which skills are being desired for the position and what kind of training helps them have a better chance of getting an opportunity for the desired position.


Acknowledge that there are a number of applicants that have applied and let them know that each and every single possible one is considered with caution.


Praise the work of the current employee and let them know that they should apply to any future opportunities within the company that would suite their skill set better.

Sample Letters

Sample employee application rejection letter

Dear Danny,

Thanks for taking the time and the interest to become the marketing manager in the marketing department. You’ve been with us for a while now and we’re glad to have an employee like you that’s team oriented, motivated and never hard to get a hold of.

However, after reviewing your application, I found that you don’t have much actual marketing experience or any background in it. We’re looking for someone that we can hire direct to the floor and began managing a team of well-trained marketers; we’re not currently looking for someone to train in that field. Also, your testing score showed that you lack proper knowledge on Search engine optimization to help manage our web marketing team as well.

We’ve gotten more than enough applications from all throughout the company and every application is read thoroughly. Every single test is inspected with a fine tooth comb because we want the absolute best for the position we’re hiring. Although you weren’t found favorable for this position, please keep a look out for further positions in the company more along the data analyst management field because you do a great job at managing the analysts on your floor. Furthermore, you may be up for a raise in three months, so contact me in three months to discuss options.


Jeffrey Walls