Divorce announcement letter

This is not a cause for celebration by any means but there are similarities between a divorce announcement letter and a marriage announcement letter. How the crowd is addressed is the same but there’s not usually a party or ceremony for the event and the tone is much more depressing. This is a short yet simple message to let everyone know that a divorce has or will be taking place.


Starting to Write


If the divorce has already taken place, state when the divorce took place and if not, state when it will take place.


If you have moved to a new address, be sure to clarify to the recipient that you have indeed moved and send your address. If your spouse is the one who moved out, send them their address if you would like.


If you have any children living with you, state where the children will be staying and any consequences of the divorce as a result.

Sample Letters

Sample divorce announcement letter

Dear Marshall and Annie,

It comes with great regret that I want to inform you that Melissa and I have gone our separate ways through means of divorce. The divorce was finally completed approximately two weeks ago and while I will remain here, Melissa is moving in with her parents for the mean time which is:

3918 9th Street

Somewhere, Ohio 43029

I would like to thank the both of you over the years for being so helpful, so kind and so generous to me and my ex-wife. I have valued your friendship more than anything and I hope to keep in touch.

With love,

Justin Malkos