Dispute property tax

When a dispute property tax letter is sent, this has to be a letter without any errors or mistakes because the IRS does not take property tax error disputes lightly. Neither does the city and this is why you need to make sure that all the details are sorted out before you try to dispute the property tax that you feel is erroneous.


Starting to Write


State the property in question and what business (if any) is run there.


Request a revised assessment from the recipient.


State why you feel that you deserve a revised assessment and why you feel that there are errors in the general assessment.


If you know the property tax of your neighbors or surrounding companies (if this is a company run at the location) and they’re paying far lower property tax, then be sure to bring that up as well. You should have the permission of the neighbors before including them in on a tax dispute.

Sample Letters

Sample letter to dispute property tax

Dear Representative,

I was deeply disturbed by an assessment of my property tax which turned out to be abnormally high compared to most years. I currently run a small pizzeria shop here on 33 Light Street off of West Boulevard and while my property tax has usually only been $1,500 exactly, I have found this year you sent me an assessment of $2,000.

That’s absolutely absurd, how does the property tax go up 25% to $2,000 without any kind of warning before hand? Furthermore, I’ve asked the general population that surrounds me and even some prime location business vendors, and they’re only paying $1,400 to $1,600 so my $1,500 price was right in the middle.

I would appreciate a new assessment being done and to check and see if any errors are on it before sending it to me.


Lakesh Rantin