Dispute a loan

Disputing with a credit card or loan application company can give man nightmares. They’re hard headed and sometimes rely on false data in order to make their decisions for them. However, you can dispute a loan denial and we’re going to show you how to dispute a loan denial through letter. You don’t have to take no for an answer but you need to have evidence on your side as well.


Starting to Write


Come right out and say that the loan you were requesting was denied.


State any evidence or reasoning as to why you feel the loan was wrongly denied.


Ask for a second consideration and give any supporting evidence you have if you haven’t shared it already.

Sample Letters

Dispute a loan Sample

Dear Customer Service,

I’ve recently received the news that my loan request was denied and I’m not positively certain why. I was applying for a home owner’s loan to make some renovations to my home and after careful consideration it states that my loan was denied because of outstanding debts with an account that I don’t even own.

On page 2, you’re clarifying that I have an outstanding debt with a bank called Small Citizen’s Bank and I don’t even have an account there nor have I ever had an account there. This has to be some kind of mistake because if this is the only thing that’s holding my loan back from being processed, then I would like someone to take a second look at it. It’s clarifying that the amount I owe the bank is $2033.29 but after I made a phone call to Citizen’s, they don’t have any record of this debt.

I would like to speak to an agent and have my loan application reviewed because this is clearly an error on someone’s part.


Michael Lode