Dispute a charge

Much like writing a dispute a fee letter, dispute a charge letter is basically the same thing but usually the charge is from a monthly service already being paid for. Sometimes, a fee erroneously pops up from a service people didn’t know about but an erroneous charge is usually a misunderstanding.


Starting to Write


Dispute the charge and let the recipient or agent know where the charge is coming from.


State why you feel the charge should be removed and why it’s their responsibility.


List any supporting evidence you have that the charge in fact does not belong to you nor are you responsible.


Leave relevant contact information for the agent or customer service to get a hold of.

Sample Letters

Dispute a charge Sample

Dear Customer Service,

I was recently staying in your 1st class suite hotel and noticed there was a charge on my card that I did not accept or even utilize the services for. I was charged with one back massage and therapy treatment which has to be a mistake because I did not utilize that service.

Here is a list of services that I utilized while I stayed at your establishment:

  • One bottle of white wine for $49.99
  • One room order of the chicken dinner special for $20.25
  • One pay per view special for a wrestling event which totaled $52.00

That was it and that’s the only transactions showing on my card at the date of the checkout, this is a recent transaction that’s not on my receipt upon checking out and I would like it to be fixed immediately.

I have enclosed a copy of my receipt and my same day checkout card transaction list, you will find that a massage is nowhere on this list.

Please get back to me at 192-309-2091 to discuss this matter and hopefully we can resolve this.


LIlian Marshal