Direct mail sales letter

Slippers are generally items that you can get in any store and are easy to find. However, we’re going to go over some of the most effective letter selling slippers that can be used on consumers. A direct mail sales letter should be direct, to the point and give the consumer a reason to purchase your product.


Starting to Write


Write short paragraphs and make sure to write short sentences. You don’t want to use long sentences that run on and on forever because the letter is going to more than likely be longer than the usual letter that they receive and it’s easier on the eyes. Also, you have to remember people generally have a short attention span and won’t read something that looks like a wall of text.


You need Copy that’s done in a way that overshadows the price no matter what the price is. The job of the copy is to ensure that the reader says to themselves: “I NEED THAT PRODUCT” and doesn’t care what the price is. So you need to install the copy.


Certain words such as juicy words in the letter need to be underlined or capitalized to help bring them to the attention to the reader. Certain keywords such as “DEAL” or “FREE” will obviously need to be underlined or highlighted so they see it.


Now, this is optional but it increases sales by a lot. Talk about a free trial or tell them that it’s a “risk-free” trial that allows them to try it out for 60 days or so.


You need an expiration date to increase hype. You need to create a sense of urgency and an expiration date can do just that.

Sample Letters

Direct mail sales letter Sample

Dear Hard Worker,

You know what’s worse than working a long hard day? Working a long hard day just to have your feet sore to the point where you can barely walk.

If you work in cold conditions and your feet are constantly exposed to conditions that are hectic for work, then your feet probably hurt at the end of a work shift. Now, what if I told you that it didn’t have to be like this? Would you believe me?

Well, introducing the Wonder Shoes, the shoes that take the stress out of your work and can keep you on your feet for hours. Invented by our German Engineers, even we don’t fully understand the beauty behind them and how they work so well! All we know is that they definitely work and they’re one of a kind shoe that everyone should consider getting!

The Wonder Shoes works by relieving pressure off the back of your feet and your feet soles to alleviate and spread the pressure throughout the legs. No more, will you have to come home from a hard day of work and have tired and dreaded feet.

How much will this cost you? How much is it worth to have your foot pain gone? Would you pay $399? Well good news, it’s not going to cost you $399, and it’s not going to cost you $199! It’s not even going to cost you $99!

If you order TODAY and TODAY ONLY, you will only have to pay $29.99! That’s right, these Wonder Shoes can be yours for just an incredibly $29.99!

That’s not all though, if you order in the next 3 business days, we’ll include the Wonder Boots which work for workers who wear boots all day. You can spread the love to factory workers and people who wear boots all day now as well!

Order today and let foot pain rest in peace! Call us at 318-202-2039 to place your order.