Declining A Job Offer

A job offer should always be turned down in writing because it looks professional. The reason behind a letter for declining a job offer is so that any future doors or opportunities at a company will remain open after the offer is declined. This allows applicants to be seen from a professional light and remain suited for future positions should they ever come up.

The format should be written on a personal letterhead.


Starting to Write


Identify the position in question.


Professionally decline the stated offer.


Give solid reasons as to why they offer is being declined.


Make sure the recipient of the letter is thanked for their time and for the offer.

Sample Letters

Declining A Job Offer Sample

Dear Mark,

This letter is in regards to the Night Shift Manager at CostLow General Store. I would like to take this time to thank you for the opportunity to apply and for the job offer.

I am afraid I will have to decline this offer for a couple of reasons. I’ve been offered another position at a nearby store that will pay more and work with me on my busy schedule, so I can be more flexible with the hours I work.

I’d like to thank you again for the opportunity to work at CostLow General Stores and wish you well with your business.


Anthony Brown

An ideal applicant should always be flattered for the position but include that careful consideration went into the decision.
The applicant should always give exact reasoning behind why the job offer doesn’t suite them very well. If it’s the pay, the location or the co-workers, then it should be noted in the decline letter.