Customer survey letter and form

When you want to gauge your market and find out exactly what your customers think of you, it’s best to practice the art of sending out a customer survey letter and form. You might have received some of these letters yourself from annoying marketers or companies looking for your opinion.

When you speak to customer service over an issue or have to talk to customer service for any reason, you might find yourself with an e-mail or letter shortly asking you for your opinion on a satisfaction form. These are quite common and they’re relatively simple to fill out, it just requires a little bit of your time and an opinion to be shared.


Starting to Write


Ask the customer for a favor and let them know it won’t take long.


Give details about the survey and let them know why you want to engage their opinion on your service.


Include complete instructions about how the survey should be done and returned if they choose to do it.


Thank the reader for their time spent if they choose to complete the survey.

Sample Letters

Sample customer survey letter and form

Dear Jon,

Would mind doing me a quick favor for me? I would like to know about your wish list for this Christmas. I’m planning on writing about what people would like to see in stores this Christmas, and I was hoping to gauge your response as to what you will be looking for this holiday season. Your reply would really mean a lot to me and the marketing team here.

We always appreciate our feedback from respective clients and customers everywhere. I would like to finally state that everyone who participates in the customer market research survey will be put into a random drawing for $1,000 for the holiday season. What could you do with $1,000 extra in your pocket this cheery season?

I’ve enclosed the survey for your convenience, just simply fill it out and return it if you like.

Dear Wesley M,

Thank you for being a valuable customer and we were hoping you could do us a favor.

Could you fill out this form and send it back to us? It’s a customer survey to engage our customers and to help better serve those customers in the future.

First question: Would you be interesting in receiving offers about free coffee and coffee related products? Anything from coffee makers to exciting news on new coffee stores opening around your area?

Second: If you could please list your interest in the following topics ranging from 1 – 10 with 10 being the highest.


Making money online

Working from home





We’d like to thank you for your time and if you could please fill out additional details at the bottom of the form and send it to us at the return address, that would be great. We’ve included an envelope already written out to us.


Your Title/Company:

Your Phone: