Credit report dispute letter

Contacting a credit agency is never fun and it’s never something you want to do. However, if your credit report has an error on it, it can actually end up damaging your credit line or credit altogether so what you need to do is send a credit report dispute letter in order to hopefully get that solved.


Starting to Write


Make a statement that you believe there have been a mistake and an error.


What exactly is the error that you need to report?


Give the correct and accurate information.


Do you have proof or verification for the correct info?


Request that the information be corrected in a week or two.


Ask for the agency to send you a copy of the corrected version.


Include relevant details to help identify you.

Sample Letters

Sample credit report dispute letter

Dear Agency,

I’d like to report an error on my credit report.

It states that I have an outstanding account for my Plus Bank account under the account number 333029 which is incorrect. I need this corrected immediately to 332102 in order to avoid an obvious error.

You can call my Plus Bank manager, named Ortiz Peli if you need verification at 393-201-1283.

I expect to see the correction updated in approximately two weeks and I would like to be mailed a hard copy of the correction as well at 1253 Sunset Drive, Tulsa, Oklahoma. My name is Dan Rothby, and my SS is ###-##-####.