Contribution Solicitation Letter

Signs are usually plastered all over neighborhoods with no solicitation letters but a contribution solicitation letter is not usually breaking any rules. These are made for charity driven events and organizations usually and aren’t often used for company promotion related purposes. The key to getting contributors for a charity is to connect to the recipient and to ensure the recipient that it’s a worthy cause.


Starting to Write


The second that a recipient sees the words “donation” or “contribution”, they’re more than likely going to throw it away, so announce the cause before you write any words that have to do with money.


State what the exact cause is, who it will be helping and why it will be helping.


Explain how much the recipient’s contribution will mean to you and how much it will help.


Thank the recipient in advance. It’s a psychological game to thank a recipient in advance, so they’ll feel more obliged to help.

Sample Letters

Sample Contribution Solicitation Letter

To whom it may concern,

This year, as you know the annual Blood Fund will be hosted right here in your local neighborhood. This year, we’ll be operating at the McAuley center and asking for simple blood donations for anyone that is able and willing to donate. The blood will be used for life-threatening emergencies right here in your local neighborhood as the hospital could use some more blood.

We’re not asking for any money, only a little time and a little bit of blood. Even one donation from one individual can save up to three lives, so if you do choose to come out, it would be a tremendous help!

I’d like to thank you if you choose to come this Friday (August 2, 2012) to the McAuley Center operated by the Northwest Hospital near I-75 and Route 36.


Janet from Blood Fund Central