Contract award letter

When firms or companies fight for a contract, sometimes it can get messy and you’ll have different firms shouting different numbers trying to get your attention. However, in the end, only one firm can get the contract and you know that. A contract award letter is a simple and short letter to let the winning firm know that they have gotten the contract.


Starting to Write


Let the firm or company know that they have won the contract.


What is the exact job that is being bid on and what they have won?


Request that you meet with their representatives to discuss the details and finalize the contract deal. Sometimes a telephone conference will work but it’s better to do it in person.

Sample Letters

Sample contract award letter

(Only send this if you’re using an e-mail)

Re: RFP #501928 (this should be in the subject field)

Dear Mrs. Reese,

First of all, congratulations because you have won the contract role in our ASD-500 project and second of all, we need to meet up soon and get this project rolling. We’d like to meet with your team and finalize the details, which, the sooner the better.

Again, congratulations!

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