Congratulating on a birth

When a birth takes place, it can be the happiest moment of a family’s life. Birthing a new child into the world is magical and is something that’s considered the passage right of a woman to step into motherhood. The kind thing to do if you couldn’t attend a baby shower (and even if you did attend) is to send a letter congratulating on a birth in the family.


Starting to Write


Come right out and congratulate the couple on the birth. Don’t beat around the bush.


Ask for the specifics such as how much the baby weighed and what they decided to name it.


Ask if there’s anything you can offer help with.

Sample Letters

Sample congratulating on a birth

Dear Bob and Margarett,

I am more than thrilled to learn that you have birthed a beautiful and healthy baby boy. However, I didn’t see anyone mention the name of the baby so you have to tell me what it is! Also, is the baby healthy and doing well? I hope so!

Congratulations and if you need anything from me, feel free to give me a call, you have my number.


Roger Miles

Dear Eve and Mark,

I’m sincerely happy to see you have birthed a beautiful baby girl into the family. Did you decide on a name yet and how is the baby’s health? I hope all is well and the baby is healthy and that you’ll be home soon.

I’ve sent you a small token of appreciation in the form of a gift along with this letter (believe me, it goes a long way). I wish you well and hope you’re doing well.


Patrick and Marie Walsh