Confirmation email

A confirmation email is one of the most simplistic emails you can send out because the entire point of the letter is to simply confirm that you have received something or that you are confirming some details. Sometimes when an obligation isn’t understood by two parties, a confirmation email is sent out to ensure that all the details are correct.

While a confirmation letter can be used, it’s far more effective to send out a confirmation email so that both parties understand what’s expected of them. Also, it’s great to keep some kind of confirmation on file in case any money is changing hands or anything like that is to occur.


Starting to Write


Start with a positive note.


State any details that need to be confirmed.


Ask the recipient to contact you to confirm the details or dispute them.

Sample Letters

Sample confirmation email

From: Richard Rells <email here>

Date: Wednesday, April 11, 20XX

To: Martha Rascoo <email here>

Subject: Please confirm the details of our project

I would like to confirm some details of our ongoing project and to make sure we understand everything clearly.

  1. The project has been agreed for a price of $2,500.
  2. The project is due in two months from now which will be June 11, 20XX.
  3. We will hold a progress report on Jun 1 to see where everything is at.

Please reply if I missed anything or to confirm the details are correct.