Conference room booking letter

When a conference room needs to be booked, the best thing to do is to send out an advanced letter a couple of months at least if you can ahead of time. A conference room booking letter ensures that you will get easy access to the conference room and you won’t have any trouble, instead of trying to get one at the last minute.


Starting to Write


State which room that you will need in the future and exactly which date. They will more than likely want to know for how many hours as well.


It’s usually pretty obvious why you need the room but state it again in case they ask.


If there are any special requests for the room, state that as well.

Sample Letters

Sample conference room booking letter

Dear LC Booking,

I was reviewing your website and it stated that you had conference rooms for booking on the 15 of November which is perfect for us. We will be holding a management meeting for my company there and I would like to rent the conference room from 7 AM to 12 PM if this is possible. If not, I could reschedule as well, but please let me know by contacting me at: 482-102-3302.


Dave Koshak