Complaint letter for bad quality

When complaining to a company or individual who’s selling you a service, the key is to not only be firm with your quality and what you expected but to reassure them that it’s on the right track. You can reassure someone that a product is on the right track but it just needs a little bit of touching up. Also, you need to be firm when you state what you expect to be done about the problem at hand.

You won’t accomplish anything if you write a complaint letter for bad quality that blames an individual, frustrates your anger, calls someone names or any of that nonsense. That gets nothing done and accomplishes absolutely nothing.


Starting to Write


State the exact product in question and when it was purchased.


What is the problem with the product?


State how disappointed you are with the product.


What exactly would you like done to remedy the situation?

Sample Letters

Sample Complaint letter for bad quality

To CisCon Systems,

When I initially purchased your anti-virus protection, I was under the impression that it would keep me safe from harm and viruses. Of course, this is all assuming that the product was up to date all the time and had the latest scanning technology as well. I purchased the product via your virtual web page for $79.99 via download.

Upon downloading it, it problems right off the get go. First, it said that my system’s operating system wasn’t compatible when it in fact on the page said it was compatible with Windows 7 64 bit. After re-starting the computer and re-downloading the program, it worked for some reason.

Then, it kept telling me that my activation key was inactive and a sales rep had to send me a new one. It didn’t end there though, because the auto-update feature didn’t work and it didn’t detect a single thing. Sure enough, I kept getting pop ups and once I installed a new virus protection program; it found them right away without any hassle.

I am severely disappointed as this was praised so highly on your website. I would like a full refund as per states by your 30 day money back guarantee policy.