Complaint of poor service

Getting poor service no matter where you go can put you in a bad mood and first impressions mean anything. When you receive poor service at a restaurant, these days, it’s more likely that you will probably head on over to your favorite review site to bash it. However, leaving bad reviews online doesn’t quite do much because anyone can write those.

However, a well written letter holds much more power. People respond to letters more and take them more seriously. So if you were recently a victim of poor customer service, then be sure to write a complaint of poor service letter to the management or staff of the establishment.


Starting to Write


Remember any dates and the time that you are writing about.


If you remember the employee’s exact name, mention that here as well.


Talk about the poor service you received and what made it so satisfactory.


What, if anything do you want to be done about the situation?

Sample Letters

Sample complaint of poor service

Dear CoHo Management,

I’ve been coming to CoHo for a while now and I noticed you had a new employee serving tables in the section that I usually sit now. You may recognize me by the brown scarf that I’m usually wearing and I usually eat on Wednesdays. Usually you say hi to me if you see me, but I was in there on Wednesday at 7:00 PM and this new employee named Brandon was highly unsatisfactory.

Not only did Brandon fail to display competence when taking an order, he got almost everything wrong. He never smiled, greeted me or asked me what I wanted to drink; I had to actually tell him what I wanted. Not only that, but he kept bringing the wrong food out when we kept trying to explain what we wanted. Not to mention, he was extremely rude as well. I think I will have to make my new outing on Tuesday, if Brandon continues to work on Wednesday.

I understand everyone has bad days, but could I ask to get someone else when Brandon is working there and I come in? I would prefer having someone serve me that isn’t completely rude. Thank you.