Complaint about a medical service

When writing a complaint about medical service letter, you have to be formal and be as detailed as possible. Human resource departments in medical centers take complaints very seriously as incompetent care providers can injure or kill patients. All of the necessary details need to be included in order for any action to be taken.


Starting to Write


State the approximate date (if you can remember the exact day) that the complaint refers to.


Explain why the complaint is taking place and what caused the complaint to take place.


State any action you would like to be taken on the one responsible.


Strongly urge that action take place in order to avoid further occurrences from happening and that an investigation take place of such incidents.

Sample Letters

Sample Complaint about a medical service

Dear Dr. Listor:

Approximately one month ago (around Mid-November), I was appalled and shocked by the level of incompetence that I received at the medical treatment center here at your hospital. It was under the care of one of your doctors that we were poorly treated, miss-diagnosed and given very little attention to an otherwise serious matter.

I began to start having slight chest pains which I shrugged off as nothing serious since they were very minor. Over the coming days they became more serious and they were starting to become very worrying, so I decide to check into your ER department at the Regional Medical ER center downtown on a Saturday, which I believe was November 13.

Not only was Dr. Riddleton extremely rude and dismissive but kept shaking his head and telling me that was nothing was wrong with me because I was too young to have any kind of  serious condition. He quickly dismissed it as anything serious without doing any kind of test and told me it was simply anxiety. Not even a single blood test which is routine for chest pain was performed. I laid in a bed for 4 hours just to be told I’m fine, he gave me some pain medication and sent me on my way.

A couple of days later, the pain started coming back in a more severe manner, so I checked myself into an ER approximately 30 minutes out of the way just to see if I could get a straight answer and to my amazement, after doing some tests on me from a real doctor, as it turns out, I was having a mini heart attack that was treated and labeled as not serious. Had this have happened on the day I went to your hospital, it might’ve gotten severe and I could have died.

I would strongly urge you to rid of that incompetent doctor before he causes a lawsuit from other patients.


Martha Riley