Community Fundraising Letter

Fundraisers are a great way to get your community involved and they’re a great to raise money for a worthy cause. Community fundraising letters are a great way to ask for assistance or to be asked for assistance as I’m sure most people receive at least one of them in their lifetime. The majority of these are for a group or a club but they can be for all different causes.

The format should be typed out on a personal letter head.


Starting to Write


Make sure the first thing you do is identify your cause or your organization.


State the sole purpose and reason that your cause needs the money.


Tell the recipient where all the money will be going to and what will be done with it.


Appeal to both sides and not only yourself, make it appear as if the reader is getting something out of this as well.


The hardest part is to ask for the money because no one likes just handing money out.


Thank the reader for their generosity and their time spent reading your proposal.

Sample Letters

Community Fundraising Letter Sample

Dear Friends, Family and Colleagues,

As you know, illness has struck my family and my father has been diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer that he’s currently fighting. Every one of you who knows my father knows he’s a very strong man and that he can fight through this with your help as a community. He’s always the one to go to when something is broken or when you want something fixed and after doing so much for this community, I wanted to give back.

I’m going to be attending a barbecue event with a live band, some games, and a 5k walk. It only costs $10 to enter per person and all donations are greatly appreciated. We’ll have a lot of fun all while fighting cancer at the same time and rooting for my dad so he can beat this!

All of the donations will go towards growing medical bills which as you can imagine are excruciatingly high and growing by the day. The walk and barbecue will take place on November 15, 2013 at my place.

My Place

152 Russell Lane

Someville, New York

You can call me at 726-1028 for directions to the address or any questions you may have.


Lilly Marshall

You have to include exactly what the money is going to and how it’s going to help people. A lot of people are very cautious of fundraisers because of how they operate.
Make sure people know the money is going to someone trustworthy and let them know who they can make the check out to.