Client satisfaction survey letter

If you like retaining customers, and who doesn’t; then you more than likely should look into the idea of sending out what’s known as a satisfaction survey letter. A client satisfaction survey letter is sent out to gauge how happy clients and customers are with your business.

This is relatively short letter that’s simple and straight to the point. The sole purpose of the letter isn’t even to remind them of your products or sell them anything, it’s only to get them to express their opinion on your service or product. A client satisfaction survey letter could also help you make better informed decisions about where you should be focusing the majority of your effort in the company.


Starting to Write


Ask for the overall rating of your product or service that you’re selling.


Ask for a rating on the customer service the customer has received.


Ask for commentary by the client on what they like and dislike about the company.


Ask if they would recommend their friends to the products and services sold by your company.


Finally, leave some instructions on how to return the form.

Sample Letters

Sample Client satisfaction survey letter

Dear Valued Client,

If we could just borrow three minutes of your time, this is a short satisfaction letter that we’ve sent to all our clients because we care and we want to know that you’re satisfied.

If you could fill out the following, it would mean so much to us and we’ll return with a $10 gift card off of our next product if you do!

Your Name:




What would you rate our products or services on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest)?

What would you rate the customer service you’ve received from our company on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest)?

Any comments/opnions:

Would you recommend your friends or family to our products and services?

If you’d like to return this letter and send the form, please mail it to:

Henderson Products

2122 Left Street, Columbus, Ohio


Jim Henderson