Change beneficiary letter

When a change of beneficiary is required, then a change beneficiary letter may be required to complete the process. It’s a very simple process and letter to write as it’ll only require a few sentences and that’s it. However, you want to make sure you address the right person as the new beneficiary and have all the details accurate in the letter.


Starting to Write


Mention the obvious and that you wish to change the current beneficiary to a new one.


Provide accurate details of the new beneficiary and double check the spelling.


Specify that if any documentation or details not included are needed that you may be contacted with contact information enclosed.

Sample Letters

Sample Change of beneficiary letter

Dear Mr. Lawson:

I have a simple request to make, as I would like my current beneficiary changed. As you can see, I have noted the above account is the current beneficiary (Name: Allison Harrilson)

Beginning on June 1, 2009, I would like the beneficiary changed from the previously mentioned Allison Harrilson to the following beneficiary:

Ashley Harrilson

Social Security Number: 310-11-1958

I have enclosed all of the necessary details and documents for Ashley’s account information. If any more information is needed or if anything else is needed from my end, please feel free to contact me at the following phone number: 222-1098.


Alfred Harrilson