Catalog cover letter

A catalog may be a sales letter but it has to be a distinct king of sales letter in order to work, you can’t simply just advertise products, because that’s not why people buy catalogs in the first place. A catalog cover letter that’s being sent out to perspective clients and customers’ needs to have a lot of work into it if you want it to have a high conversion ratio.

First of all, a catalog sales pitch is usually done with illustrations and there are a lot of graphics on the covers. A simple text and price listing just won’t do the trick because it’s boring and they can read about that in a letter. There’s a reason the person more than likely picked a catalog cover to subscribe to. However, even if they didn’t opt for one, they’re visually appealing and have high turnover rates.


Starting to Write


Make sure your opener grabs their attention right away.


You need to insert a message that will speak to your reader and will solve all of their problems.


You have to know your market’s problem and why they buy the products they do. Speak to the reader acting as the authority expert on those problems and let them know that you can fix them.

Sample Letters

Catalog cover letter Sample

Dear Friend,

You’ve been a long term customer of ours and we couldn’t hide these deals from you any longer. As you know, our Christmas special is coming up but as one our premiere customers who’s been on good terms with us for a long time, we’re giving you an exclusive opportunity to get your hands on these deals before they even go live!

Are you frustrated with broken or rusty tools lying around your shop that make it difficult to fix things? Fix your eyes on our Christmas lineup (available early to only a select few people).

X2 Power Drill – This drill can drill straight through cement with state of the art technology. Only $39.99 (Usually $199.99)

V3 Grill – This grill can survive arctic freezing temperatures and still cook hot off the grill meals. Only $59.99 (Usually $399.9).

There are many products for our lineup available, including tools, outdoor accessories, pool toys, etc. Any man would appreciate the tools at our disposal for such a discount. Let me know if you’re interested in any of the products attached here on our catalog cover and I will be more than happy to get you setup!