Letter to cancel subscription

When writing a letter to cancel subscription services, you need to be firm and explain exactly why the service is being discontinued. More than likely, in the future they’re going to send one of those customer satisfaction surveys anyways. Also, don’t give into their one time offers if you plan on cancelling, stand your ground and let them know why the service isn’t being utilized anymore.


Starting to Write


State the service and any charges that come with the service.


Explain why the service is being cancelled, no matter the reason. If the reason should be kept private, then put that in there as well.


Offer any suggestions to future customers or how the company may improve their service.


You don’t need to offer an apology, as a letter to cancel subscription services are usually because of a company’s fault.

Sample Letters

Sample letter to cancel a subscription

Dear Customer Service/Billing

I wish to cancel any incurring charges that will be coming in on my cable bill in regards to high definition TV. I have the extended High Definition package which costs $9.99 extra a month. I am cancelling my service because of two primary reasons.

  1. I don’t have as much time as I used to for watching television.
  2. The High Definition channels are often down, have static in them and half of them simply don’t work. I don’t feel I should be paying extra for channels that don’t work.

While I will continue to subscribe to the basic cable service, I would highly suggest you look into the High Definition package offered for $9.99 and make sure it works before people pay for the service.


Marcus Roberts