Business Greeting

When you meet a potential business associate in a casual setting, you may want to cement the new relationship with a formal business greeting afterward. An Email, a chat room discussion or an accidental meeting in a restaurant is not the ideal footing from which to negotiate business.  Nothing beats an actual business card or a formal business greeting letter to start things off right. Such a letter gives your new contact all of your information, including: name, business email, mailing address, job title and psychical address. Your letter may also summarize what you discussed in your initial meeting, and may provide additional information not provided on your business card.

When we meet someone casually, we often forget their details within a few days unless they are likely to fill some need that we have. The business greeting letter reminds your new contact of who you are and what you can do for them.


Starting to Write


Let them know how happy you were to meet them.


Briefly summarize the circumstances in which you met.


Provide any information that you think will help them, such as a lead or an article.



  • End the letter with an invitation to stay in touch or set up a meeting.



Sample Letters

Business Greeting Sample


Running into you at that restaurant turned out to be the highlight of my day; I learned a lot from you. I look forward to discussing the project you mentioned. Below, please find my contact information. Call or email me anytime during business hours and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any information you’d like me to look over, go ahead and send it over. I’ll read it and get back in touch with you.


Jane Williams

Head Project Manager

Coba  Soda, LLC

Send your business greeting within two days. Any longer, and you risk your contact losing interest.
Be sure to remind your new contact how you met them, and do it in the first few sentences of the letter.
Don’t include any concerns or complaints in this initial contact. That won’t endear you to them. Your main goal at this juncture is to set up another meeting and to establish the relationship.
Write about yourself only if necessary and keep it brief.
Include all contact information, including your LinkedIn profile info.
Let your new contact know how you can help them, but don’t over-sell yourself.
Useful Stock Phrases:

It was great meeting you
I enjoyed talking shop with you
I enjoyed learning about your industry
I look forward to discussing the project you mentioned
I thought you might find this interesting
I know of someone who may need the service you provide

Typed via typewriter or word processor on letterhead