Letter to break lease

Breaking your lease can sometimes be difficult when a landlord is being stingy but this is usually the first step taken before something is brought to court. Sometimes people request to break their lease because they found an apartment that’s cheaper with the same commodities or sometimes they just want to get away from the neighborhood. There are many different reasons but when writing a letter to break a lease, you need solid reasoning and evidence to support your claims.


Starting to Write


Come right out and state that you would like to request the lease be broken.


State the exact reasoning behind the early lease termination.


If there is anything to remedy the situation or to prevent you from the breaking the lease early, stay that objective here.


State what might happen if the least is not broken early and what steps you will take.

Sample Letters

Sample letter to break lease

Dear Mr. Lanten (Landlord)

It’s come to my attention that you have absolutely no intentions of returning my letters or my phone calls. I would like to respectfully wish that my lease be terminated early for the following reasons:

  • You are constantly intruding into my home with a spare key you own without a 24 hour notice, which you should know is illegal.
  • The walls are paper thin and the neighbors constantly making noise. I’ve tried to write to you about it buy my letters have gone unnoticed.
  • The rent is constantly going up for no reason and no changes to the apartments are being made.
  • Every single thing that has broken has been fixed by me because you don’t answer your phone calls.

I have video tape of you walking in unannounced and I have pictures of broken hardware that I have paid out of pocket money to fix. If you do not request my wishes to break my lease early, I will be taking all of my documentation to a lawyer and seeking action and reimbursement for every single thing that I have fixed. I would suggest you call me at 384-3902 immediately as in one week, I will be moving out.