Bank error letter

Banks these days are ran by computers that are usually pretty dead accurate and there’s usually no trouble. However, sometimes bank errors can occur and this is while it’s highly important to make sure there is a record of all financial transactions and statements. If you do ever find an error in an account, then writing a bank error letter may be in order.


Starting to Write


Don’t be rude in the letter if you want it to be taken seriously, just simply state that you believe there is a bank error in the recent statement.


Be sure to include any dates or times that you noted the error taking place.


If you can include exact numbers feel free to do so and make sure to include what you would like to personally be done about the issue.


If any further information is needed, make sure to provide.

Sample Letters

Bank Error Letter Sample

Dear Jennifer Morrison:

I’m writing in regards to my checking account as I believe I have discovered a marginal error in this month’s online banking statement. I’d like some assistance to make sure this is indeed an error and not something on my end.

I’m checking my online statement and it’s showing that I’ve made a deposit for $2,000 exactly but when I wrote a check one week later for approximately $201.01, the check was cancelled because of insufficient funds. Not only that, but a $30 bank overdraft fee was taken out of my account as well. I was wondering why if I wrote a check for $2,000 and it was cleared into my bank as a deposit 2 weeks before me writing a check for only $201.01, would the check not clear due to insufficient funds?

I’ve attached the statement in question that I’m viewing online. If you can please read over this and call me ASAP so we can figure out what went wrong here, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m available on most weekdays at 817-2018.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this and for the super customer service you’ve given me so far.


Adam Hopps

Dear Mr. Black:

I believe I have discovered a very huge discrepancy in my account that I would like to be investigated. As you know, I opened the account two weeks ago and I made an initial deposit of $15,000 to start a Checking Account with .10% interest. However, when I went to pay bills a week ago, I just recently got a letter stating that I had insufficient funds.

Not only that, but when I checked my online bank today, it appears that when I tried to withdraw that money, it charged me with a hefty $25 fee and has been charging me an overdraft fee of $30 a day for being over drafted. A week now has passed since the account check bounced back leaving me with a $235 negative account balance.

I was told the initial deposit would clear in just a matter of a few days so I was wondering what was going on and was hoping you could look into this for me. My e-mail is and you can reach me by phone at 918-1102 during normal business hours.