Application letter for an advertised job

When a job has a position that needs filled, an unbelievable amount of applications come in. The employer simply doesn’t have the time to nitpick and read through every single application. This is why when an applicant wants to write to an employer or impress someone, they need to go above and beyond with an outstanding cover letter and resume. The main goal of an application letter for an advertised job is so that an employer can best match the needs of the company with the qualifications from applications.


Starting to Write


First, clarify any information you currently have any request information.


State the reason that you want to work for the company and position.


You don’t need to make it a point to explain all of the qualifications or details that will be desired by the employer if you plan on following up.


Demonstrate confidence in the position and express interest.

Sample Letters

Sample Application letter for an advertised job

Dear Mr. Adamson

I’m writing regarding your ad that was posted online for a car salesman.

I’d like to express my interest in this position as I have plenty of background experience in sales.

I can offer your company 10 years of digital marketing and product sales that always exceeded sales quotas.

I have included my resume and would love a chance to sit down with you and discuss the position and my qualifications.

I will be following up with you in a couple of weeks to hopefully schedule a sit down interview.


Laura Wright