Announcement of a Change in Company Police or Procedure

This is a short and very straightforward letter that announces that a policy has been changed. When the record is changed, companies are usually required by law to inform their employees of their new policies. However, this depends on the company and you’ll have to check with the official company rules if such rules exist. It should grab their attention rather than be another announcement letter that the employee will delete. Sending out an announcement of a change in company policy or procedure should have a simple yet eye-catching title like this:

WARNING: We have a new company policy in the work place, YOU MUST READ!


Starting to Write


Announce what the change is.


When does the new change come into effect? Exactly what date to be more precise?


Give any instructions if necessary on how to follow the new procedures or policy.

Sample Letters

Announcement of a Change in Company Police or Procedure Sample

Dear Staff,

This change will affect the entire work force and not just one single unit or position. Any employee that wishes to request a day off whether it’s for vacation or leave must now do it in writing. We’ve had too many prank e-mails and letters being sent in to us by people that didn’t even write them, so now all employees must hand deliver a written letter to my office on the second floor.

Failure to do this will result in denial of your leave requested.



Vice President