Alumni Letters

The spirit of college life is hard to recapture sometimes, but with an alumni letter, this is the opportunity to do it. To be able to go back in time as a 19 year old that had absolutely no cares in the world is the dream of many adults.

Don’t try to force any kind of tone of writing, but just sound natural and like the letter isn’t being forced.

The format for an alumni letter commonly is done on business letter head and is typed out.


Starting to Write


The steps per each alumni letter differ and it changes from letter to letter. This is where you have a lot of creative writing room and room to show off your talent.

Sample Letters

Sample Alumni Letter

Dear Class Of (2004),

There are two events right now that have influenced me writing this letter. As you may be aware, our 20th reunion is coming up soon and there is the class agent meeting taking place on October 22.

The meeting is taking place at the Hilton Hotel on High street over the weekend of October 22-23.

Currently, our college still ranks at about 13th of 150 colleges in the percentile of alumni giving. If you have or haven’t heard, there’s a program called the Gorlop fund that’s actively seeking donors. The Marcus campaign here in Littleton helps with such causes but there is currently not enough students with an interest to call them and get the ball rolling. If we could please have some former grads give them a call, we might gain their attention startup a fund.

It was on Saturday night that Allen Roberts entertained us and then proceeded to honor us as we reflected back on his lengthy career which many of us have fond memories of. The remarks were kind and well thought out and were very crafty. There were some teary eyes, there was some laughter and there was a loud applause that appeased the audience.

Kramer is going to be handed a prestigious Alan Rorsche award that will be presented in part by the HSLAMA. I’d like to take this time to congratulate Kramer on his award and you can watch him receive his award at the Hilton that the event is taking place at on October 22 on High Street in Downtown Columbus.

Be sure to keep in touch and have a wonderful Holiday season.


Rick DeRule

Class of 1965

Be sure to name as many classmates as you can remember. For some reason, people thoroughly enjoy their name in print, or they just like being remembered.
List any upcoming events that you’re aware of or are writing in regards to.
Useful Phrases:
-Some people like to specify who they are or how long it’s been in an alumni letter with phrases like “It’s been a long time” or “it’s been too long”.
-You may also use a phrase such as “It’s me, Jim” or whatever your name is to help connect with your long lost peers.