Acquisition Announcement Letter

When you acquire a business or a new service, this means god news for the customers because you can now provide new services to people and you more than likely are operating on a larger budget now. Announcing the good news in an acquisition announcement letter raises the morale of not only your customers but the employees as well.


Starting to Write


Announce the acquisition right away. Name off the simple details such as the name of the company that you have acquired and what they do.


Why exactly has this deal been made? Some people will probably want to know and without revealing financial details, state why.


What does this mean for the customers? State what this new acquisition means for customers.

Sample Letters

Acquisition Announcement Letter Sample

Dear Customers,

As you know, we at CyberBest Inc are always devoted to bringing the best service that we possibly can to our customers. We recently got the chance to sit down with CEO of CPU Core, one of the leading hardware distributors in the PC industry.

We were initially talking about a merger and business deal but in a recent turn of events, we have decided to take over the company as the CEO has agreed to sell us the company at a fair price.

What does this mean?

Worry not customers, because of this deal that was made, our board of directors has actually expanded our budget beyond recognition and because of that, we’ll be adding more services to the website soon. Also, some prices will be dropping as well. Keep an eye out for that!

Thank you all again for being wonderful and valuable customers! We don’t know what we would do without you!


Joe from CyberBest INC – CEO and Founder