Letter to accept an invitations

A letter to accept an invitations event can be to many different things. Some people send out invitation event letters for weddings, for graduations, for business promotions, coming from the military, etc. When an invitation to an event is accepted, it’s polite and professional to send back a letter to accept an invitations to whatever the cause may be to let the party know that you plan on attending.


Starting to Write


Acknowledge which event that you plan on attending and gracefully accept the invitation.


Recite the time and the address if applicable so that they know that you know where the event is being hosted.


Ask if there are any gifts or anything you need to bring as the guest or what the dress code will be.


Congratulate them on the event.

Sample Letters

Sample letter to accept an invitation

Dear Ramone,

Jason and I have received the great news that you’re finally settling down! This is great news indeed and we’d be more than happy to join you guys for a night of celebration at the Palamino Inn on Route 65 in Springfield! We’ll bring some of our oldest wine to celebrate and if there’s anything else we need to bring, please let us know.


Mary Roberts

Dear Alix,

I couldn’t be happier for you to hear the news of the big job promotion. Does this mean you’re going to be a big shot corporate employee now who rides in a helicopter? I’m kidding, but I would be happy to attend your huge promotion celebration at your house on November 9, 2:00 PM. If I need to bring anything let me know and as I understand, the dress code is going to be casual right?

Yours truly,