Letter of Transmittal

Your cover letter is not the place for idle thoughts or irrelevant tidbits of information. Cover letters are meant to save your recipient time in two ways: they clearly describe the contents they pertain to and summarize the overall contents. You can use your cover letter to emphasize the value of the contents of your package. Additionally, a well-written cover letter helps to focus the recipient’s attention as cover letters are typically used to prime a reader for diving into rather detailed material. This material can range from reports in PDF format to printed technical manuals. If sending a cover letter to a potential employer, on the other hand, you may use it summarize your achievements and work history, or to highlight the strongest points of your résumé.

Format: typed via typewriter or word processor on letterhead.

Voice: active voice with professional tone.


Starting to Write


Begin your cover letter by describing the attached documents.


Concisely summarize the contents and state why they are of value or why you have sent them.


Close by stating whether you expect a response.  Provide your contact information in case your recipient needs to reply to you.

Sample Letters

Letter of Transmittal Sample

Febuary 4th, 2013

Mr. Ben Mathews,

Director of Hazardous Materials

Sylex Chemical Labs, LLC

3342 Marsh View St.

Salisbury, NC

Dear Mr. Mathews,

Please find enclosed a material safety datasheet and a safe-handling procedure overview for high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. The material safety datasheet enclosed provides detailed data on the properties of high concentration hydrogen peroxide—most notably, safe storage procedures. The safe-handling procedures infographic is to be distributed to your employees ASAP. This infographic provides key information for preventing workplace accidents when working with said chemical.

I hope you find this information useful in bringing your employees up to speed with handing this volatile chemical. If you have any questions at all, please call me at (555)-555-5555.


Regina Green

If you are enclosing more than two documents, list them as bullet points. Include a short description of each item and state the order in which they should be read.
Use the cover letter as an opportunity to explain any overly-technical details the enclosed materials contain.
If you go into detail about any technical points of the enclosed materials list the page numbers that you are referring to in the cover letter.