Letter of Admonishment

A letter of admonishment is sent to an offender to document violations of the rules, code of conduct or similar. Whereas a warning, or letter of counsel are used to clarify the rules and to state that there may be some concern for behaviour, a letter of admonishment is a clear recognition that somebody knowingly committed a wrongful act, and if they continue to engage in this activity, there will be serious consequences in the future.

A letter of admonishment is considered a step before a letter of reprimand, which may result in employment termination, or banning from an organization.

These letters are commonly used by employers, membership organizations and within the armed forces.

In the workplace a letter of admonishment is a letter of reprimand, but less severe. Its purpose is to let you know you have done something that is reprehensible, and that if you continue to engage in this activity, there will be serious consequences in the future. A letter of admonishment is used for incidents with low level of severity, where a letter of reprimand would be too harsh.


Starting to Write


A letter of admonishment can be somewhat accusatory so it is important to lay out all the facts as you see them, including the date of the incident.


Restate the rules and regulations in the context of the offence.


Be straight to the point and make it clear that repeat offences carry serious repercussions.


Make note of an appeals process if relevant.

Sample Letters

Letter of Admonishment Employee Sample

Doris M. Hurst
3315 Bernardo Street
Polk City, FL 33868

Dear Mrs. Hurst,

It has come to our attention that on December 1st, 2009, you and a coworker engaged in a heated argument in the break room.

We do not know all the details of the incident, but we do know that it disturbed your coworkers greatly, and it really affected the overall dynamic of the office.

We know you are a very hard worker, and an incredible asset to this organization, but if there are any outbursts like that again, there will be severe penalties to pay. We like that our employees are passionate about their work, but we think you took it just a little too far this time.

There will be no penalty for your actions this time, but if it happens again, we can’t guarantee the same treatment.

The Management

Membership Cancellation Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Gabriel,

We have multiple witnesses and CCTV of you and several other members of your party engaging in crude behaviour on the golf course last Friday (March 06, 2013). This involved nudity, aggressive grappling and a complete disregard for the course and equipment.

We needn’t remind you that as per your membership agreement appropriate attire and respectable game play is required at all times when using the course. Failure to adhere to these rules in future will result in a lifetime ban from the organization.

To the best of our knowledge all those involved have received similar warnings.

We appreciate your membership and are happy to move past this lapse in judgement.

Yours Sincerely

Management of Buckley Gentlemen’s Golf Course

Army Discharge Sample Letter

Dwayne Alexander
Unit 4 B, 18th Engineers
Letter of Admonishment

I have been made aware that on November 01, 2011, you and two fellow soldiers engaged in the prohibited act of excessively tattooing one another below the elbow (commonly known as “sleeves”) which as you are aware is against new policies brought in at the beginning of the year. It is my understanding that you actively chose to disregard the rules and planned to lie to your officers that the tattoos had been completed at a prior date. 

In the Army, excessive tattoos below the knee, elbow and on the neck were banned beginning January 01, 2011. Furthermore under Article 89, any person who behaves with disrespect toward a superior (including lying) may also be punished by court-martial.

You have shown a flagrant disregard for the rules and have sown the seeds of deceit among your rank. I expect you to work diligently to clean your image, redeem yourself and return to your previous hardworking and respectful attitude. Any such act in the future will immediately result in reprimand.

If you feel the facts of this incident are incorrect you have the right to submit comments or documents for consideration. Your receipt and signature of this letter are mandatory.

Commander John D. Holmes