How to write a letter of adjustment

A letter of adjustment is a letter that is written in response to someone who has complained about a product or service that you have sold to them. Its main goal is to offer reparation for your actions (if warranted) and offer a short explanation for your actions.

Sample Letters

Sample letter of adjustment

Noe S. Johnson

606 Stratford Drive
Lihue, HI 96766

Dear Noe,

I once again want to apologize for the mistake we made in shipping you the wrong bicycle. We take order fulfillment very seriously, and are investigating the cause of this incident.

In the mean time, we wish to send you the bicycle you ordered, along with a prepaid voucher to send back the incorrect bike. As a token of our appreciation, we also want to include a $100 gift voucher that can be used at any product in our store.

Again, we hope you accept our apologies and the corrections to the above mistake!


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- Be apologetic – you never know when this customer could buy from you again

- Clearly state how you are going to remedy the situation