Requesting medical information for an employer

When an employee takes sick leave or is trying to prove an injury for a workman’s comp claim, they may ask for some medical information by a family doctor or physician. Requesting medical information for an employer should be a painless process that involves just simply talking to the physician and having the physician write a note.


Starting to Write


Ask the doctor for a note for the medical condition in question. If it’s a disease, if it’s a long-term sickness, if it’s an illness or an injury, be sure to have the doctor clarify exactly what it is.


Clarify a time frame that the physician should send the information in. Whether it is one week, two weeks or a month, give the physician a time frame so they know how urgent the matter is.


State what you do for a living and what is required of you on a day to day basis at your job. Ask your doctor to list specific tasks that you can and can’t do related to your job so your employer will know.

Sample Letters

Requesting medical information for an employer - Sample

Dear Dr. Maywealth,

As per my current employer’s request, he would like to see a letter directly from you about the current condition of my back. I currently work in a factory that requires constant bending, lifting and picking heavy things up and while my employer is willing to work with me and move me to an office position, he would like to see that I’m not bluffing.

The employer is being very generous and supportive but just wants to make sure that I’m not lying to get out of hard labor work, so if you could please, state which tasks I can and can’t do with my current condition. He would like the information forwarded directly from you to him if that’s possible.

His address:

Mr. Luke Rottsoe

J&G Factories

1928 Factory Road

Columbus, Ohio, 40292

If you have any questions about this request, please feel free to call me or my boss.

My number: 393-303-1832

My boss: 393-212-1029