Government Sample Letters

Letter of Protest Sample

Letter of Protest

A letter of protest is written to express disproval or objection to something.
disapproval government international objection protest
Letter of Memorandum of Understanding Sample

Letter of Memorandum

In business, diplomacy and institutions like the air force and navy, memorandums can take on a more serious format, relaying important...
diplomacy government institutions internation memorandum
Letter of Objection Planning Applicants Sample

Letter of Objection

A letter of objection is a letter that is usually written to object to a proposition.
government objection proposition regulation
Letter of Award to Contractor Sample

Letter of Award

A letter of award is a letter that is sent to notify somebody that they have been awarded something - usually of monetary gain - such as a...
award bid contract contractor government
Letter of Assurance for University Sample

Letter of Assurance

A letter of assurance is a letter that assures the receiver of something specific, though what that might be can vary greatly. Here are some...
assurance education government guarantee