Welcome letter to new client

When a new client becomes a customer of yours, it’s polite and courteous to send them a welcome letter. Some companies like to send what’s known as a welcome kit to a new client describing their services. Why do they do this?

Sometimes, when clients see a welcome kit, they might be more inclined to actually purchase a product or a service that they didn’t originally intend on purchasing. Usually a welcome letter to new client is used to communicate the terms and describe the benefits of the service they’re being provided.


Starting to Write


Formally welcome the new client and tell them that under your care they will rise to the top of their market (to build hype).


Let them know the benefits and terms of their order or project.


Thank them again for being valuable customers.

Sample Letters

Welcome letter to new client - Sample

Dear Goodson Real Estate,

We’d like to thank you for coming on board and deciding to let us handle all of your web marketing activities online.

We can assure you that your company will grow exponentially this year and you won’t be disappointed! Our marketing specialists have years in our field and we just wanted to thank you again! You ordered an SEO package that costs $5,000 that lasts for three months and will raise you to the top of the search engines for your local area. We’ve included a welcome kit to explain more about our company if you want to read it.


Matt from Web Solutions