Virus protection policy sample

Did you know that if you send a client a virus through e-mail, even if by accident, you could be held responsible because you were the original sender? This is why it’s important to send a virus protection policy sample as well with the e-mails that are being sent.

Viruses are nasty little infections that get inside of a computer and can actually destroy a computer from the inside out, so it’s essential to protect a computer with a policy so you won’t be the one paying for that new computer. It’s also best to distribute a copy of the police to every single client that you have.

You want to make sure you include a few things that include the following: Make sure your customers know how valuable your work is and what you do for them matters. Also, warn clients against opening files that aren’t directly from you and opening .exe files directly from an e-mail as that can be dangerous.

Sample Letters

Virus protection policy sample

To: All of my respected clients

From: Mark Reese

Re: Antivirus Policy

Let’s face it, no one wants to get a virus, and we’re all highly concerned about getting them, so let’s make sure we’re both clear on what we can do about it. I wanted to offer you all a virus protection policy sample from my company that I will be sending each and every one of you over the next couple of months.

My Anti-Virus Policy:

  1. We will do everything in our power to make sure that your computer never sees a virus inside of it, but that’s impossible to guarantee with 100% certainty that it will never happen.
  2. We run a high tech virus scanner known as WatchDog which is one of the most commonly used virus protection programs in the world. Several huge corporations use them on their data servers as well to protect customer data.
  3. According to WatchDog, they can detect almost virtual virus in the world and they’re constantly updating their definitions to detect new viruses every single day.
  4. We can’t guarantee that every virus will be caught because as technology evolves, so do the hackers and people who want to do wrong to others. We do our best and WatchDog does its absolute best to catch new viruses while they’re being made.
  5. Clients need to make sure that they’re updating to the latest version of the anti-virus to make sure definitions are up to date.
  6. Viruses are easy to pick up from all over the web. So be cautious of where you browse because an e-mail is just one location that a virus can come from.
  7. If you have a virus, notify us immediately and we’ll do everything in our power to remove it, regardless if it came from us or not.