Request transcript

Before applying to a college or educational program, some schools may require that you write a request transcript letter to your school in order to get your grades. Also, this information is used by potential employers as well, so you will need to request a transcript regardless of what the cause is once you graduate. It’s great to have on your hands.


Starting to Write


Ask for a copy of your grade transcript.


Most schools will require a small fee anywhere from $3 to $20 to process your request and some may do it for free. Check with the school before hand to see how much the fee will cost.


List the school and your student ID number that you were a part of. Most schools can pull your information just off of your age and name but it’s best to include a student ID as well.

Sample Letters

Request transcript Sample

Dear School Clerk,

I would appreciate it if you could mail me a copy of my grade transcript so I can make some copies of it. As I understand from the school website, grade transcripts cost $10 so I have enclosed that amount in this envelope.

My Student ID: 301-22-1928

Years Attended: 2000-2004

As per stated on the website, it’s also to my understanding that this request may take up to two weeks to process and mail out, so I’m sending this ahead of time of my big interview which is in one month. The interviewer would like me to bring a hard copy of my grade transcript so this will be needed by then.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at 817-193-2918.


Matthew Littleson