Thank you note for interview

While sending out a thank you note for interview letter to employers doesn’t seem to be something that a lot of people like to practice today, it should be a common art. What people don’t realize is, thanking someone for an interview shows that their time is worthy of your time and you really want the job.

It won’t guarantee that you land the job but it will guarantee that you have a better chance of getting called back for a second interview at least, so remain professional at all times and thank the interviewer for their time. Interviewers get hundreds of applications a week even for low paying positions, so the fact you landed an interview is phenomenal.


Starting to Write


Remember to keep it short and sweet, the point of a thank you note for interview letter is simply to thank the interviewer for their time. So start off by thanking the interviewer.


Reassure the interviewer that your qualification and skillset matches exactly what they’re looking for.


Ask them to contact you to further discuss your qualifications or candidacy. Also, thank them again for their time spent during the interview.

Sample Letters

Thank you note for interview - Sample

Dear Mr. Radson,

I know you’re an extremely busy man and you get tons of applications every single day, so I would love to thank you for the time spent during our interview answering my questions. I’m trying to find the perfect company that fits my needs, so you don’t know how much this interview meant to me and how much it meant to me that you were willing to answer all of my questions.

I can assure you that my background in banking will make a perfect fit for the People’s Bank and that I will blend into the crowd very well. I work together in a team very well and have been nothing but over the top exceptional everywhere I have ever worked. If you’d like to discuss my qualifications further, I would be more than happy to discuss them via telephone, 317-291-2938.


Larry Rogers