Thank you letter to reporter

Sometimes even a reporter can go out of their way to make someone feel special, whether they’re doing a report on an issue that you care about or they’re doing an unbiased report on an issue (although that’s a tad rare). Writing a thank you letter to reporters isn’t that uncommon honestly but it’s usually very short and it’s to the point.


Starting to Write


Let the reporter know which report they’re being thanked for and when it took place.


Let the reporter know why they’re being thanked and what it’s in regards to. Try to include specific quotes or sections of the report if you can.


Bless the reporter and wish them well.

Sample Letters

Thank you letter to reporter - Sample

Dear Dan Carls,

I found your report on my mother and her long lost son very touching and I would like to thank you deeply from the bottom of my family’s heart for doing this special report. My organization from church also thanks you and if there’s anything you ever need, please don’t hesitate to let us know. The Church Of 5th Street will pray for you and I hope nothing but good luck comes your way.

God Bless You,

Julian Rogers,