Thank client for referral

When someone refers a client to you and ends up getting you a good deal of business, a thank you is in order. Thanking someone who sends you a client is not only good practice but can result in more clients from that individual as well. Clearly the person has connections so if you ever get a client from someone, send out a thank client for referral letter.


Starting to Write


Come right out with a thank you and appreciation for the individual who got you the client.


Describe exactly what happened and how the client contacted you.


Tell the recipient what resulted of the client and what business deal came of the client.


Thank the recipient again.

Sample Letters

Thank client for referral - Sample

Dear Malcom,

You’re always one of the best marketers and salesman I had ever met. I don’t know how you did it, but I would like to thank you so much for what you did for me. I actually got a call from Sony, and they want me to handle their marketing on a brand new concept product they’re developing. It’s not out yet and I don’t have many details but they’re starting me off with a $600,000 online budget.

Can you believe that? I owe it all to you because without your referral, I would have never been able to land a deal like this. I owe you one when I see you again, thank you!