Thank you letter for informational review

When someone takes the time out of their day to share experiences or knowledge with you on a subject that’s of interest to you, the least that can be done is to send them a thank you letter for informational interview.


Starting to Write


Thank the recipient for taking the time to meet with you and give you some knowledge.


Let them know what you plan on doing with the knowledge you obtained during the meeting and what you will do with the new found advice.

Sample Letters

Thank you letter for informational review - Sample

Dear Preston,

You’re not only one of the most brilliant mans on campus but you’re also one of the leading architects in the nation. I’d like to thank you for sitting down with me and taking the time to let me ask you a bunch of architecture related questions.

I hope I can be half the architect you are someday and I plan on taking my knowledge straight into the work force. I have notes of our entire conversation and I just wanted to thank you again for allowing me a 30 minute sit down to talk to one of the leading architects known of our time. Thank you again.


Alexander Rapone

Dear Jason R,

It’s no secret that you’re one of the best when it comes to cyber security and that’s exactly why I came to you to request an informational sit down so I could ask you some questions about the career field and which path I should pursue.

I’d like to thank you for answering all of my questions and taking the time to talk to me when not many people would give me the time of day. I learned a lot and have to think about a lot before I make a well informed decision if this is something I want to pursue as a career choice or not.


Mark Leston

The goal is to persuade a potential employer to hire you to at least recommend you somewhere.
Make sure they understand just how much they have helped you, so they that you can listen to instructions well and are willing to learn which are two great qualities to have in any employee.