Thank you note for a favor

When someone does a favor for you, it’s only the most polite thing to do, to thank them. Writing a thank you note for a favor letter is considered polite and professional, and not only that, but it will ensure that they’ll be up for helping you with something in the future.

Sometimes, people just like to be thanked for the favors they do for people and this will make them want to help not only you but more people in the future. It’s a very short note and it’s a very simple concept but it slips by a lot of people’s minds because they never think to thank the person who had helped them out.


Starting to Write


Clarify what someone is being thanked for.


Tell the recipient how exactly it helped you or your cause out exactly.


Offer to return the favor as it’s only polite to offer assistance to someone who has offered you assistance.

Sample Letters

Thank you note for a favor - Sample

Dear Jenny,

I would like to thank you for helping my Grandpa move out of his apartment because as an old man with no one around him to help, I was afraid he was going to hurt himself while moving. I kept telling him to hire someone but sometimes he can be so stingy and you saved him from probably pulling a muscle or worse. I would love it if there were more people like you around in that community but unfortunately they’re hard to find. Thank you again and if there’s anything you need, let me know.



Dear Kyle,

The Triad Middle School would like to thank your generous donations of laptops. We understand that small businesses are hurting, but that didn’t stop you or your organization from donating 10 new laptops to our school’s computer class so the students may be served with an education on the computer for those who wish to pursue cyber related careers after graduating.

Thank you again and if you ever need to host an event, you are more than welcome to host the event at the school or even put up advertisements to your computer shop here in the school depending on the area. Just call me and discuss it with me, and we’ll see if it’s something we can accommodate.


Principal Matters

Triad Schools