Technical Letter

Letters are commonly employed by doctors and engineers to communicate technical information. While technical information is commonly transmitted via Web sites and instructional manuals, the classic letter remains an essential tool. Letters are best employed to convey a concise message, typically with only one or two main points. If you need to convey more information than this, you should consider creating a report in PDF format or a website.

Format: typed via typewriter or word processor on letterhead.

Voice: active voice with professional tone.


Starting to Write


Establish your reason for writing immediately after the salutation, closing with the nature of the technical information you would like to convey.


Create an outline for the body of your letter that breaks the technical data down into easily digestible pieces. Tailor your message to the audience.


Summarize your message in the closing paragraph and offer any additional resources. Additional resources could take the form of a PDF, a website or a reference manual.

Sample Letters

Technical Letter Sample

October 13, 2013

Mr. John Smith

Tar Heel Industrial

2123 Tar Heel Rd,

Greensboro, NC


Dear Mr. Smith,

Per your request, I am forwarding 22 grams of de-natured ethylene glycol to your current location. Please see the included data sheet concerning safe handling procedures. As indicated, please confirm the minimum metabolic requirement for conversion into oxalic acid. Tar Heel Industrial will provide test subjects. Please keep me appraised of your progress, and let me know if you have any questions.



A letter outline will allow you to organize your thoughts before hand, which will save you time.
Do not exceed two pages. Remember that your recipient is busy also.
State your purpose for writing in the first paragraph. Let your reader know why you are writing and what they are expected to do with the information right away.
Be mindful of your audience and write with them in mind. You may have to break complex systems down for the lay person.
Useful Stock Phrases:

For additional information, please consult..
I wanted to bring you up to speed on…
Please call if you have additional questions…
If any of the above is unclear….
I wanted to make sure you were clear on…