Service discontinuation letter

When a customer wants to end their services with a company, it becomes a concern because then you have to wonder if other customers feel the same way. When a customer isn’t satisfied with a service or company anymore, something they should consider doing is sending out a service discontinuation letter to let the company know why they’re not satisfied and why they’re requesting that the service be stopped.


Starting to Write


Start off with something positive and state which service is being discussed.


Tell the company or vendor why you would like to stop subscribing to the service or would like it turned off.


If you have an expectation or order more products from the vendor or plan on using them at a later date, feel free to clarify that here.

Sample Letters

Service discontinuation letter - Sample

Dear Billing Department,

While I have very much enjoyed playing your video game online, I have to regret to inform you that I would like to cancel my service for now due to circumstances outside of my control.

I have thoroughly enjoyed all the friends and players I’ve met throughout the years on here but I am joining the Military soon and will no longer have the time required to play the game. Perhaps in the future if the game were to take a turn for a more casual play style, I shall be back.


Andy Lyons