Script Query Letters

Now that you’ve completed your screen, television or stage script, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the process of creating a compelling query letter. Successfully rubbing elbows with the stars is a bit beyond the scope of this guide, but we can help you take the first step toward that lofty goal.

Format: typed via typewriter or word processor on letterhead.


Starting to Write


Let them know who you are: current vocation, experience in the industry and professional background.


Briefly describe the project. Cover the main points.


State any connections you may have to established industry professionals.


Offer to mail a physical copy of the script or to email a PDF version.

Sample Letters

Script Query Letter Sample

RE: Cherokee Rose

Dear Mrs. Martinez:

I am a producer currently working in collaboration with director Stephen Marshal on a feature length script entitled Cherokee Rose.  Cherokee Rose is a romance epic framed against the tragic fate of thousands of Cherokee during the early years of US history. Think Dances With Wolves meets Gone With The Wind. We anticipate attaching very large roles for the supporting cast, and have one of your actors in mind for the lead.  We have already secured letters of intent from several prominent actors.  At your request, I can forward a copy of the script to you right away. I eagerly anticipate your response.


Mark Keith


Always provide your tag line in the first few sentences. The tag line is a summation of your story idea in a sentence or two.
Compare your own script with a successful script that the recipient will be familiar with, but combine two screenplays in your example only if draws an accurate picture of what your script is about.
Always mention any successful industry connections you may have.
Useful Stock Phrases:

In collaboration with.
In conjunction with.
In association with.