Retraction request letter

The media isn’t always perfect and sometimes they publish information that just isn’t true or incorrect facts that need to have retractions. A retraction request letter is usually directed towards an editor but sometimes will go to a manager depending on the structure of the company and how large the company is. Different sizes of companies have different management structures and setups.


Starting to Write


Name the place that incorrectly published an error and list the name of the editor or publisher if you have access to this information.


Correct the date and kindly ask the publisher/editor to correct the date.


Include a copy of the incorrect date in question and show them where exactly the inconsistent error is being reported.

Sample Letters

Retraction request letter - Sample

Dear Editor,

As our local newspaper editor for our small community, you do a great job informing the community but recently I noticed a small error that I feel needs to be adjusted to avoid some community confusion. As you know, our annual give away from the soup kitchen is being held on Jim’s Diner which is held every single year. Usually the right date is printed but for some reason this year, you guys printed a date 2 weeks in advance.

The giveaway is being held on November 14 not November 1 as originally reported by your paper. Hundreds (if not one thousand) people show up every year and rely on your paper as a credible news source. Please correct this date so that people don’t show up on the wrong day and the food giveaway becomes a bust.


Jim Gordon

Dear Times Sun,

I was reading a recent column by your head editor and I have to say that I’m quite appalled at the way you treated the protesters that were recently in the streets here fighting for lower property taxes. Also, I would highly advise that your editors do their own research before printing things off as facts because a lot of what was printed was wrong.

Protestors: The editor said that only 50-100 protestors showed up but there were well over one thousand protestors.

Property Taxes: Your editor also noted that they were going nuts over nothing and a 2% tax increase but it’s actually a 7.5% tax increase which makes a huge difference.

This is just a couple of the errors that should be retracted and re-printed by a different editor to ensure that the facts are actually correct.


A concerned citizen

Richard Ichors