Response to classified ads

Responding to a classified ad sometimes can be tricky because there are plenty of scams out there on the internet, especially on classified websites such as Craigslist where people use the site all the time to try to scam people. When sending out a response to classified ads, this is usually done by e-mail as not many people accept letters anymore in this day and age.

When filling out the e-mail to send to the requester, you want to use the word “Re:” as this signifies that you are sending a response to their ad. However, you have to pay attention because sometimes, employee seekers or ad writers will put specific instructions in their ads that invoke a very specific response. Some might say, “Put the word apple in the subject if you read this entire thing”, in order to weed out people who don’t follow instructions.

Sometimes, the person writing the ad doesn’t even include a name, just an e-mail to respond to and in this case, it’s important to ask for a name so you know who is on the other end.


Starting to Write


State where you saw the job opening (even though most classified ads have a system in place where you can automatically respond), except for the paper of course.


If you have any qualifications or resume handy pertaining to the job, then feel free to submit that information.


What exactly is your availability to be interviewed and how open is your schedule? Include that in here as well.

Sample Letters

Response to classified ads - Sample

Re: I saw your ad for a handyman wanted for your new company

I hope I haven’t caught your attention too late, because I’m a handyman with 20 years of experience under my belt that’s looking for work. I’ve been in and out of the home construction and repair business for a few decades now with 20 years of official work experience under my belt. I saw your ad in the paper and you asked everyone applicable to e-mail you at this address.

Your name is Phil if I read the paper correctly and you’re looking for someone who can fix toilets/plumbing. I’ve worked with Plumbing Inc for 5 years before they had layoffs due to budget cuts and I would be a perfect fit for your company. I would like to schedule an interview at your earliest convenience as I’m available all day for one.


Matthew Thoms